Huntsville’s tax dollars are currently controlled by the elected leaders of just one neighborhood.  Just ONE.

How could this be? The current at-large system we use to elect our City Council permits it.

Huntsville is divided into 4 wards, each electing 1 representative to City Council. But Council has 9 seats. The rest are “at-large” seats, elected by the whole city. That might sound fair in theory, but history shows that the at-large system can be manipulated by one group to gain control of city resources and thwart representative government.

This has already happened in Huntsville.

current council

SIX OF NINE COUNCIL SEATS are now occupied by the residents of one city neighborhood. This lack of geographic diversity can and does influence Council’s perspective and decision-making. The current Council majority has also been very successful in silencing the voices of the 3 other wards in order to spend public funds on its own agenda.

Why Does Ward Representation Matter?

City Council decides how much in taxes you’re going to pay and how the city will spend your tax dollars.

The current Council majority and their ward allies have agreed the best use of your tax dollars is to spend money on the development of one section of the city. This leaves fewer tax dollars to fix streets and roads and water and sewer utility lines and maintain parks in the rest of the city.

Here’s the latest example in which the current Council majority has chosen to spend city tax dollars for its own benefit. One Elkins Lake Councilman recently wanted to spend $1 million to add lanes to Veterans Memorial Boulevard. Our Council OK’d  this project without doing the required traffic study. The Ward 3 Councilman protested, saying his ward had roads that badly needed repair. The Council majority and city staff ignored him.

Elkins Lake residents aren’t the problem. Many Elkins Lake voters are civic-minded and want only the best for our city as a whole. They’re more than happy to be fair to everyone. Furthermore, with the current system, ANY neighborhood could gain control of City Council and therefore our city government and city tax dollars.

Only YOU can bring fair and equal representation to Huntsville by helping to change the status quo.

What Can You Do to Bring
FAIRNESS to City Government?

Join us in signing a petition to put a City Charter amendment on the 2017 ballot that would eliminate all at-large representation, except the Mayor, and add new WARD SEATS!

proposed council

Each ward would then have two representatives on Council, elected in alternate years. Other Texas cities have done this, or been ordered by federal courts to do this, in the interest of FAIRNESS.

Please register to vote, if you’re not already registered, so you can sign our City Charter amendment petition when we begin collecting signatures.

E-mail us at to put your name on the petition drive e-mail list so we can keep you informed of progress and contact you when the petition drive starts.

Let’s put FAIRNESS to a vote
on the 2017 city ballot!