VoLT  (Voters for Lower Taxes) is a General Purpose Political Action Committee registered with the Texas Ethics Commission created by citizens of Walker County, Texas for the sole purpose of achieving fairness in taxation for the people of the County.

We support open and honest government, fiscal responsibility and the delivery of quality essential services to the people at the minimum cost possible. We oppose government waste and unnecessary taxation in all its forms.

There are currently 11 taxing entities that are headquartered in Walker County. Our goal is to ensure that the people elected/appointed to these entities are providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers. It is the responsibility of these officials to be good stewards of the money and assets entrusted to them.

We welcome volunteers that would like to assist in our goal. Feel free to contact us by messaging us through our Facebook page or via email at Info@VotersForLowerTaxes.com.

We love Walker County and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what issues you think are important.